About Us

The Belmont PAC Mission

Belmont Elementary School PAC’s mission is to advocate for excellence in education, the safety and well being of our students, and for the effective and meaningful involvement of parents as partners.

Our Objectives

  • ​To support, encourage, and improve the quality of education and the well being of students
  • To provide a forum to openly review and discuss any matter related to the school and to advise the principal, staff, or other associated organizations of any recommendations.
  • To promote the effective communication and cooperation between the home and school in providing for the education of children.
  • To provide parents with information on ho​w to effectively communicate within the education system and to advocate on behalf of children at both the school and district level.
  • To initiate fundraising efforts only when there is a clearly defined need that enhances a child’s educational experience.

PAC (Parent Advisory Council)