Breakfast and Lunch Program

At Belmont the PAC runs a Breakfast and Lunch program. This consists of food bowls placed at the office, replenished daily with fresh fruit, muffins, granola bars and veggies. This food is available to ANY child that is hungry. The PAC created this “grab and go” concept so kids do not have to disrupt their daily learning to get a snack. This keeps young minds fed and ready to learn. The PAC also makes lunches for children that have forgotten to bring a lunch or who’s family is financially not in a position to provide a healthy lunch for their children. This program is available for any family in need; either permanently or temporarily. If your family is facing a financial hardship please contact Mr. Tim Bonnar in confidence to be a part of this program.

To donate to this amazing program, we use the last menu of the hot lunch session in Munch a Lunch and there are set amounts from $2  to $10, you can donate as little or as much as you like.