General Minutes – March 6, 2017

Belmont Elementary School Parent Advisory Council 

General Meeting Minutes 

Monday March 6th, 2017 

1. Call to order & welcome

– 6:34

2. Approval of agenda

– Teresa S.

– Sabrina C.

3. Approval of previous minutes

– Teresa S.

– Sabrina C.

    1. 4. Reports: a. Principal
    2. b. President
    3. c. Treasurer
    4. d. DPAC
      1. e. Committees: i. Horticulture Committee
      2. ii. Breakfast & Lunch Program
      3. iii. Hot Lunch
      4. iv. Internet Safety Committee
      5. v. Craft Fair Committee

-Discussed working on website. Learning process for everyone.

-TV’s are up and running. Big thanks to IT and Mr. Proulx.

-Skating this week and last a big success even with schedule change due to Riverman making the playoffs

-Discussed Langley celebrates diversity. Letter sent from Gord (district) – emailed by Beth. First week of January, the bathrooms at the front of the school were officially changed to Just bathrooms for anyone, and not gender specific.

-Discussed upcoming parent teacher conferences.

-Discussed exploration for grade 6/7’s

-Discussed The new middle school proposal. Beth to send out an email with a bit of info on the next step.

-No report.

-See report

-No report. Meeting Thursday

-See report

-Nothing new to report

-Nothing new to report. Discussed Wednesdays hot lunch.

-See report

-Collecting applications for tables already. Tables to be booked still by Sabrina

5. Old Business a. Ski club Tuesdays Mar 7 & Mar 28

-Going well. Discussed talking with the kids and reminding them about the buddy system.

    1. b. Electronic Sign
    2. c. Book Fair March 8/9

-Estimate for electrical has come in at $575. They want all trades here at the same time so that the install goes smoothly. Beth to go to our neighbors and let them know what’s happening.

-Set up discussed.

-Need to get more volunteers.

6. Attendance Draws

-2 tickets for Spring Musical “Oliver” for seating in the first 5 rows – Carrie Chattel

-5 Leisure Centre passes – Rosie Ahamd

7. Upcoming dates a. Mar 8/9 – Book Fair

b. Mar 8 – Hot Lunch

c. Mar 8/9 – Parent Teacher Conferences

d. Mar 27 – 31 – Revolution Martial Arts PE Take-over

e. Mar 28 – Last Ski Session for Ski Club at Seymour

f. Apr 5 – Hot Lunch

g. April 3 – 7 – Hip Hop PE Take-over

8. Next Meeting – Monday April 10th, 6:30pm

9. Adjourn


10. La Foire planning meeting to follow

A Word from Your Treasurer – March 6, 2017 

Gaming Account 

Currently at $17,817.63 

PAC General Account 

Currently have $37,310.26 plus $230.00 in Petty Cash.

Grade 7 Trips Account 

Currently at $4,171.05 

Breakfast/Lunch Program 

Currently have $518.43 set aside from our General account for our Breakfast and Lunch Program.

Wendy Ward – Belmont PAC Treasurer


Beds were built today! Huge thanks to M. Proulx, Mme. Carlson and Mrs. DeGiusti for providing our “student labour”. And big thanks to Lenin Cruz and Lesley Woodman for being our parent volunteers!

We built 4 8×3 cedar boxes that are approximately 15″ tall. They currently wait in the courtyard for their permanent homes.

Next: filling them with dirt. We are hoping that weather and admin-permitting, we can get our delivery of donated dirt (thank you Don Moore!) dropped off tomorrow morning. There are three classes who are willing to help move the dirt before and after recess. Should that not work, we will fill with dirt after Spring Break.

Medicine Wheel Garden: We consulted with Jason today – he helped us to figure out how to build the octagonal garden. Teresa will be making angle cuts to our 2×4 supports over Spring Break, and we will be building the gardens upon our return from Spring Break.

Tower Gardens – Still going strong! Hoping to find some strawberries for the gardens after Spring Break. Tara will fill and feed the Gardens prior to Spring Break.

We are waiting on the delivery of cold frames for the Lifetime boxes in the courtyard.

To Do: 

Medicine Wheel Building with Jason’s Class (post Spring Break)

Dirt delivery and bed filling

Move Shelves from PAC room

Seeds (checking in with West Coast)

Internet Safety 

Brandon Laur’s presentation booked for the grade 4’s and 5’s April 12 12:30-2:00

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