Grade 7 Fundraising Guidelines

Belmont Elementary Fundraising Guidelines
PAC Fundraising: The PAC undertakes fundraising activities to benefit the entire
school. The PAC is allowed to advertise these activities throughout the school. (website,
bulletin boards, class windows, PAC and school email newsletters, Facebook PAC group
and page)
Grade 6 and 7 French/ Grade 7 English Fundraising: These groups are not allowed to
advertise throughout the school. This policy is in place for the following reasons:

  • These groups benefit small numbers of students
  • We need to limit the number of times parents are exposed to fund raising
    requests (i.e. limit the “nickel and diming” of parents)
  • These groups can only advertise internally to members of their group (eg. Classroom
    doors and windows of participants only (not on any painted surface in the school,
    especially blue doors – the tape does not come off well and sticky residue is left behind);
    hand-outs to their classes only. Friends and family outside of school)

Note: the only way the Grade 6 and 7 French and Grade 7 English can advertise
throughout the entire school is if their event or sales profits go to the Grade 7 Year-End
trip account and benefit EVERY student going on a Grade 7 year-end trip, regardless if
they are in a fundraising group or not.

The PAC, through their fundraising efforts currently provides for the Grade 7
Year-End trip account the following:

  • $500 for the Grade 7 Farewell
  • $3000 for the Grade 7 trip

In the event that the PAC advertises a combined fundraising calendar any group can
advertise in it. The calendar will be posted on the PAC information board and on the
PAC website. It is the responsibility of the fundraising groups to communicate their
fundraisers to the PAC.
Fundraising groups must make sure that their efforts do not conflict with PAC
Note: Fundraising for charity is not covered by this policy. The school undertakes
charitable fundraising (e.g. Terry Fox Run, Jump Rope for Heart, events for Children’s
Hospital, etc) These events are run by the school (often with the help from parents) and
proceeds directly benefit outside agencies.