October 12, 2017 PAC Meeting Minutes

Belmont Elementary School Parent Advisory Council

General Meeting

Monday October 12, 2017

  1. Call to order & welcome
    1. Nicole L., Stefanie E, Sabrina C, Wendy W, Nicole M, Christa M, Elena K, Justice B, Deanna B, Shara K, Michelle W, Vanessa W, Sarah W.
  2. Approval of agenda – 1st 2nd Deanna
  3. Approval of previous minutes – 1st Stefanie, 2nd Wendy
  4. Reports:
    1. Principal
      1. Wet Coast Recesses – remind parents to send extra clothes as kids are sent outside for recess even when it’s raining. They need space to expend their energy.
      2. Still short teachers on call but the school is doing their best to still provide a positive learning environment. If you are a “retired” teacher and would be interested in working a day here and there please contact Mme Cairnie.
  • School Action Plan – Question was: How do we inform and include parents in the process?
    1. 3 areas
      1. Social Responsibility
      2. Self Awareness – possibly have an evening or afterschool to go through the “Zones of Regulation”
      3. Literacy – some ideas: need positive reinforcement, have a family literacy night, create a school-wide reading challenge, after-school reading program in the library. Mme Cairnie has spent some school funds on hew home reading books for the lower grades. Working on some more.
    2. Terrific Tuesdays – start next week and have been organized by Mr Reybere. Going to reach out to parents for donations of some items.
      1. Motion: To spend $600 to support the Terrific Tuesdays programming. – Passed Unanimously.
    3. Explorations for 6/7’s start next week and students will be making their program choices in class.
    4. We should add a “Did you know?” PAC section to the school newsletter.
  • We are starting Spirit Assemblies at the end of October to help create community and celebrate students and areas of accomplishment.
  1. President – no report.
  2. Treasurer – see report for details of accounts.
    1. Not sure how to deposit money collected through MunchaLunch. Stefanie and Wendy to work through.
    2. We have too much money so need to start spending.
  • Motion: To spend $200 per classroom on DPA (Daily Physical Activity) items. – Passed. 1 abstain.
  1. DPAC – First meeting was the Blanket Ceremony.
  2. Committees:
    1. Horticulture Committee – no report.
    2. Breakfast & Lunch Program – see report.
  • Hot Lunch – no report.
  1. Internet Safety Committee – see report.
  2. Craft Fair Committee
    1. Only 7 tables left to sell.
    2. Signage is ordered. Will need help putting them up when the time comes.
    3. Need Lisa B to create the Sign-Up Genius for volunteers. Mostly needed for the day of to run the concession, bake sale, and raffle. Nikki H to figure out Bake Sale. Suggestion was to have specific items on the sign-up.
  3. Traffic Safety Committee – Mme Cairnie, in conjunction with PAC, will be sending out an email including map, to address some of the traffic issues.
    1. Sabrina C to put together a letter to send to the TOL and RCMP requesting speed bumps and more enforcement along 204th St and 203A St.
    2. Nicole M. to reach out to Alice Brown to figure out how they got speedbumps.
  1. New Business
    1. Thank you – Trotman Auto Group for Donation – Abbotsford Chrysler donates $300 for every card purchased through them by a Belmont family.
    2. MOTION to spend $2,300 on upgrading Breakfast and Lunch fridge, stove in primary wing and stove in PAC Kitchen. – passed unanimously.
      1. Question was asked about other appliances that may need to be replaced. We decided to pass this motion to get it moving and look at others after.
    3. Motion to increase Craft Fair sign budget by $300 – passed unanimously.
    4. Book FairComing Nov 1st from 1pm-5pm and Nov 2nd from 8:45am – 8pm.
      1. Prep-work is not a lot of work anymore as we have done it so many times.
      2. Will need volunteers for set-up on Monday Oct 30th and then to run the cash, plus take-down.
  • Lisa B to do up sign-up so we can get it out to parents.
  1. Flyer for new families – we need to do a better job of explaining our PAC and programs to new families, especially the Kindergarten group as they are new to the school system.
  2. Old Business
    1. Family Photo nights – still trying to find a photographer.
      1. Different suggestions about format came up. Vanessa W to work with Stefanie E to find a solution.
      2. Reminder that this is supposed to be a community service first and fundraiser second.
    2. October Movie Night – October 27th – Pre-Sales of food is open on MunchaLunch.
    3. Christmas Store for kids – Will run this year, only if we have committed volunteers before we set out bin on November 1st.
    4. Babysitting course – running Nov 9th & 16th from 2:45pm – 5:45pm. Forms will go out to Grade 6 & 7 students on Monday. $30. Spots will be filled on a first come, first serve basis.
    5. Winter Social – December 1st at Rusty’s pub. Tickets are available for sale. $15 each as this is a community event first. Need some Silent Auction donations but not a lot as we don’t want everyone to be stressed getting ready. This is just supposed to be a party.
    6. Spirit Wear – tabled.
  1. Attendance Draw – Recreation Center Passes
  2. Upcoming dates

October 20, 2017 – Pro D Day

October 25, 2017 – Hot Lunch

  1. Next Meeting – November 6, 2017
  2. Adjourn


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