September 19, 2017 PAC Meeting Minutes

Belmont Elementary School Parent Advisory Council
General Meeting
Monday September 19th, 2017
1. Call to order, welcome and attendance
• 6:36pm
• Nicola H., Nicole L., Tara M., Deanna B., Stefanie E., Nicole M., Sabrina C.,
Lori P., Lisa B., Alison T., Michelle W., Andrew W., Shara K., Liuba K.,
Jodie M., Rosie A., Wendy W., Mr. Riberye, Ms. Cairnie,
2. Approval of agenda Deanna B., Lisa B. 3. Approval of previous minutes Sabrina C. Stefanie E.
4. Reports:
a. Principal
• Good start to the year. Lot’s of new faces. Building is at capacity.
• Discussed teacher placements, see list.
• Field Trip through the building to see the new Natural Pod furniture,
the new tech boxes and how classrooms are being set up in ways that
are calm and conducive to learning (less over stimulating).
b. President
• Welcome
• PAC would like to bring in Bully Back Off again.
c. Treasurer
• No report
• No report, first meeting Thursday Sept. 21/17
e. Committees:
i. Horticulture Committee
• See report
• Tara to talk to Linsey Ernst (Aboriginal Support Worker) for
ii. Breakfast & Lunch Program
• Change to Kids will be sent with card of a food item to Ms.
O’Connor to trade for the food item.
• Need more volunteers. Requested a phone tree for help on days
that we are short. PAC to get out a call for help.
• Working on funding, but we need to know the need
• Looking into grocery delivery
• Fruit, veggies and muffins available into the bins a the front of
the school.
iii. Hot Lunch
• See report
iv. Internet Safety Committee
• See report
v. Craft Fair Committee
• See report
vi. Traffic Safety Committee
• Sabrina to go through the responses
6. New Business
a. Election for Co-Treasurer
• Nomination for Nicole Manfredi to take on Co-Treasurer. Elected
b. Meet the Teacher Night
• MunchaLunch is open for picnic dinner 5-6pm. Pre order by Weds
Sept 20 is necessary for special pricing.
• Meet the teacher 6-7pm
c. Family Photo nights
• Ms. Cairnie to check a photographer she knows, Stefanie has emailed
Charlie. Waiting for responses
d. October Movie Night
• Oct 27th
• Online survey for movie to go out
e. Christmas Store for kids
• Need to confirm dates of the Christmas concert. Alison suggests set up
Dec 19 then sale 20 and 21st.
• Need to create sign up genius for volunteers
• Need donation bin out by Nov 1.
• Call in next newsletter for donations
f. Babysitting course
• For kids 11 and older, in fall and spring.
• Alison to work with Judy on dates for November and April.
g. Winter Social
• Rusty’s Neighborhood Pub in Cloverdale, Friday Dec 1, Shara to
confirm and send deposit
• Hoping for more help with asking for auction items
• Tickets are $15
h. Spirit Wear
• Belmont wear Tara M. to take on, getting names of suppliers from Ms.
• Set up with website so that once create it manages itself. Parents can
order online.
i. In class enrichments
• We have dates in April secured with LEPS, sign up will happen in
j. Website update
• Working on
k. New PAC communication
• PAC info to go out with weekly newsletter and we are working
towards sign ups to website when up and running.
l. Ski Club
• Trip has been cancelled until teachers are able to support it.
• PAC will no longer be involved, as this is a school field trip.
• Any parents interested in this trip, please email admin.
5. Attendance Draw – Recreation Center Passes Shara K.
6. Upcoming dates
a. September 21nd – Meet the Teacher/Welcome Back Picnic
b. September 22nd – School Improvement Day – Early Dismissal at 11:20am
c. September 27th – Hot Lunch – Order by September 22nd
d. September 29th – Orange Shirt Day
7. Next Meeting – TBA
8. Adjourn
• 8:18pm

Horticulture Committee:
Tower Gardens:
– interested teachers’ names will be put into a lottery at beginning
of October
– purchasing more tonic and Tower Dollies (so that gardens can be
more portable for teachers, janitors and everyone else!)
– possibly having teachers switch after 5 months? Lots of new
teachers in building – possibly more interest?
Garden beds
– built and were fairly successful with participating teachers in the
Spring, despite terrible weather
– offer them up in fall? Yes/no? Or wait ’til spring?
Medicine Wheel Garden
– make this a priority to be built and filled in the fall/winter, so that
planting can happen in the spring

Sept. 19/17
– Hot Lunch has been divided into 2 sessions this year, each
consisting of 9 dates.
o Sept. 27-Jan.31
o Feb. 14 – June 22 (Sports Day)
– As of this morning at 10:30am, Hot Lunch is open for ordering.
– Rosie and Lisa have been working hard at acquiring nutritional
information on each food item that we sell (whether we make it,
or purchase pre-made from a supplier) so that we can work
towards being aligned with the “Guidelines for Food and Beverage
Sales in BC Schools”.
o We’re already in pretty good shape, but some immediate
changes include selling Baked Lays Chips instead of Doritos
and Cheetos type chips, not selling juices with any added
sugars and all Subway sandwiches will be made on 9 Grain
Wheat bread.
o Additional changes will be made in the next session.
– Grade 7 Leadership students will be helping with distributing Hot
Lunch again this year. If any parents have prior experience
distributing hot lunch, it would be beneficial for the Grade 7’s to
have you come alongside them for the first few times. Please let
Lisa know if this is something you’re able to do J

Committee Report 2017
September 13, 2017
Committee: Craft Fair
Liaison to the Board: Sharon Heath
Meeting held : Sept 13, 2017
Action Items Completed:
• New Application is looks great;
• Posted to facebook and Belmont PAC webpage
• Sent out Application announcement
• First round of Acceptance to the Craft Fair went out
• Round of reminder to pay emailed out
• Sent out to Langley School Board FB page/ Langley PAC FB page/
Brookswood community Page
• Table Booked
Action Items In-progress/Pending:
• Draft of new signs in the works
• Receiving Applications and payments
• Advertising on various websites/ social media for new crafters
• Someone contact the Quebec groups
• Maybe see if the English Grade 7 class wants to have a table too??
• Marketing – getting quote for signs
• Nikki –Bake sale coordinator
• Request for janitor
• Look at sign up genie for setting up for volunteers/bake sale/sign
• Currently we have two tables reserved for the Quebec 2018 &2019 and 1-
table Mr. Proulx =3
• Number of tables Paid for = 25(Total requested should pay by the end of
this month 9)
• Number of tables on hold =6
• Number of tables left = 10 to be sold
Other Notes: Some vendors coming – Pampered Chef, Scentsy, Stella & Dot,
Tupperware and Stampin up
Categories that are full – Jewelry, Knitting, and Woodwork,

Budget for Craft Fair 2017
Item 2016 Actual Budget ed Actual Calculations
Tables 35*44 1610 1540 24*35=840 44
Tables – Free 20 3 1 .5 table $20 from Proulx
Tables – cash 365 (4*35)+(1*40)=180 35*7 40*3
Tables-cheques 810 70+(3*35)=175 35*16 40*1 70*3
Tables -PAYPAL 523.90 3*36.35=109.05 36.35*11 41.35*3
Table – Refund Admin
Total Tables 1718.90 1540 855.40
Concession Income 476.95 500
Raffle Income 553 500
Door Admission Income 726 600
Bake Sale Income 175.50 100
Total Budget Income 3650.35 3240
Concession Expense 219.10 300
Decorating Expense 31.36 50
Advertising/Printouts 57.07 50
FB Contest 40 40
Cleanup and Lockup 228.90 230
PAYPAL Expense 3%
+0.30 18.90 15
REFUNDS 100.00 0
2 refund 1 to quebec group
Total Expenses 695.33 685
Total Profit 2955.02 2555

Social media- needs to discuss with admin some possible dates for later in
the year. I would suggest in May.

Christmas store –
Need to confirm date of Xmas concert. If it’s the 11th I’d like to do the Xmas
store the 13.14th
If it’s the 18th then I’d suggest the 20, 21st.
Donation Bin and notice will go out Nov 1st, with a mention on weekly
I will get sign up genius in place with Lisa for volunteers


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